It has long been no secret that creating original and attractive packaging is the first step towards winning the heart of the consumer. This raises the question: what kind of packaging should it be? Make the packaging as simple as possible, but one that will protect the goods during transportation; will convey the nature of the product that is packaged in it; will make the product recognizable through the correct placement of the product name and brand logo.

This is exactly what the packaging for S-4 vodka is, imitating the well-known explosives. To implement this idea, a cylindrical tube was used. The body of the tube is made of cardboard, the bottom and lid are made of tin. On the top of the lid there is a special through hole for fixing the dispenser (it is a sealed lever handle) with a bottle. The tube reliably protects the contents from mechanical damage. The name of the product is placed in large print on the front of the label, and to enhance the glossy effect, the label is laminated with a special film. All of the above techniques for creating this packaging made it possible to fully convey the explosive nature of the product.