It is no secret packaging forms the first impression of the product, helps to build the long-term relationship with the client. For confectionary it is important to highlight the advantages of the product. A stylish tube stands out the taste of the natural sweets, it is a sample of the perfect packaging and product combination. Make the packaging “talk” about the goods! A colorful tube is an ideal decision for bright lollipops and fruit jellies. A tube made with the usage of design paper suits the chocolate sweets. Funny illustrations look fine on the box with sweets for kids. Jam and cookies are great in the tubes with romantic design as well as in a homestyle packaging.

Don’t be afraid of the experiments. Choose the tube which suits your product by its material and design. We are ready to introduce you a great amount of packaging materials. You can choose cardboard, plastic, tin or combine the materials. All the items can be decorated with different design solutions.